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13 Mar Around Town

So it’s annual review time at your job and you didn’t get that nice raise you’d been hoping for. The review was all fives, the boss had nothing but good things to say about your work and yeah, you’re a team player. But excess dollars go to shareholders not employees.
Let’s face it, working for someone else probably won’t be your ticket to long term wealth. The real money is in owning your own business. I’ve spent the last few weeks around town meeting with existing and aspiring business owners and found that networking groups really do help, especially in the early stages of business startup.
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Join some networking groups that are relevant to your business. There is an enormous wealth of information waiting to be tapped.
At TechRanch Campfires the take away from Kevin Koym is – “If you want to go fast –  go alone. If you want to go far – go together!” You’ll find a wide range of people starting businesses so it’s a great place to go for “rah rah” and social support. The energy there fosters creativity and the many entrepreneurs will give you great feedback on your idea.
At the Business Owners Network sponsored by the Solomon Group – I found over 125 small business owners all “going for it.” Explore the myriad of resources here, including entrepreneur coaches, financial advisors, leads on co-working spaces, tax professionals, etc.
Talk to anyone and everyone about your idea – you never know who can help you get to the next place. And here at Legal Garage – we’ve got you covered for Legal!