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By sending an email or submitting a message to an attorney via the contact form, I understand that doing so does not give rise to an attorney client relationship nor the attorney client privilege. An attorney client relationship may only be formed, and the attorney client privilege may only be established, by an engagement letter signed by both client and the firm.

Why get legal advice?

Whether you’re ready to launch your big idea, need quality legal contracts, or are trying to protect your brand and IP – you need legal counsel. Business legal is complex; don’t rely on DIY legal forms to protect you. Do it right by building your company’s future, guided by our expert legal advice. Working with us is easy on your wallet. We are your hands free legal solution.

How affordable are you?

Sure, an upscale law firm could help you navigate the legal complexity, but let’s face it, attorneys are intimidating and expensive. A bill from these law firms can run $5,000 – $10,000. This is money better spent on salaries, inventory, branding and other business expenses. So how about an online do-it-yourself legal form company? Cheap? Yes. But, good legal advice? No.

Our process is designed to lower the cost of legal services for entrepreneurs, startups and bootstrap companies without sacrificing the experienced direction of a corporate attorney. We custom draft “best practices” documents and our attorneys provide targeted advice to provide you legal solutions. Contact us for affordable legal services on all types of business issues. Upfront pricing, no surprises.

Our Process


  • 01 BIG IDEA

    You have the next big business or product idea but you need help and guidance to make it official and protect you and your business from legal trouble down the road.


    You contact us to make it happen. We get to know you and your situation and send you a list of applicable services that will help secure your new company's assets and make your business legal.

  • 03 CONSULT

    Through a video, conference call, or in-person meeting, you'll confirm your service needs with one of our Startup Specialists who works with our attorneys to solidify a proper plan for legal.


    Based on the previous intake meetings, and in correspondence with our attorneys' professional recommendations, we prepare the necessary legal documents for your review and submittal.


    Once we have filed the documents with state and federal agencies, your business is officially legal and you're ready to launch your new company or product!