Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Get Legal

Why should I form a legal entity, can’t I just sell stuff?

If you are providing services or goods, choosing to be a legal entity allow you to take advantage of business tax savings. Legal entities have protections not available to DBAs and Sole Proprietorships.  You want to protect your company from liabilities (lawsuits) and keep your personal assets separate from your business assets.  If the business has multiple owners, you should have an agreement to describe how the business operates, how the profits and losses are divided, and what happens if someone leaves the business, gets divorced, etc.  If you plan on hiring employees, you’ll have to be a legal entity. If you are selling goods and/or services, you’ll want to comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations including taxes and permits.

Why do I need to form a legal entity, can’t I just operate under a DBA?

While you can operate under a DBA, keep in mind that a DBA will not provide you the liability protection and tax advantages that you are entitled to if you incorporate. In addition, a DBA does not grant you exclusive rights to your business name. Someone else can legally file to use the same or similar name, unless you’ve incorporated.

Why do I need a trademark?

Your name and logo are valuable brand assets that differentiate your business in the marketplace. Protect them! You worked hard perfecting your name and logo to create a valuable brand – don’t risk losing that identity. Filing for a trademark allows that identity to exclusively belong to your company. Losing your trade name after years in business can hurt your revenue.

Our Process

What do I need to start the process?

We’ll email you a short startup questionnaire to get to know you and determine your legal needs. You’ll chat with our startup consultant and then schedule a time to Skype or come by the office to meet with an attorney and finish customizing legal documents.

How long will the process take?

This depends on your schedule and requested services. Simple incorporation takes about a week. Simple trademark searches take about three days.

Existing/Established Businesses

I have an established business – will you work with me?

Sure – your business is growing! You may need to update your consulting agreement, website privacy policy or you may be hiring employees and need employment legal documents. Our business consultant can help you with the right documents for your situation.

What if I need more complex legal services?

Bissex Watson, P.C. can easily fulfill any corporate legal requirements you may have and our hourly rates or flat rate packages are very competitive with other full service international law firms. We represent Samsung, AMD and the University of Texas system — and we’d be happy to represent you!

Starting up? We can help you with all your legal needs!