07 Apr How ’bout them Apples?

Hey Legal Garage – what’s included in your $595 + filing fees “startup package” deal?

You can compare our services with an online form company if you like – but make sure you are comparing apples to apples. The main difference is that with Legal Garage you’ll talk to an experienced corporate attorney as you build a long term relationship with a law firm that will look out for your best interests. Priceless.

1. We’ll secure your company’s name. You need to find out if the name you want is legally available. Someone may already be using it. Legal Garage will search with the Texas Secretary of State database to check if your preferred name is up for grabs. If it’s available – you’re golden, we’ll file it. If not, we’ll help you find alternatives to file.

 2. Articles of Organization/Incorporation – We’ll talk with you and then draft articles of organization customized to your specific needs. This must be done by an attorney and it is a must have to get your company filed. An online form company cannot do this for you.

3. Company Agreement – This is an internal document you could do DIY but it’s smart to get an attorney’s advice to set up these procedures to save you headache and dinero down the road.

4. We’ll file your FEIN. You need an Employer Identification Number for the IRS. Gotta have it.

5. We’ll file your S-Corp election – if that is your best move. How will you know? Yes, you need the advice of an experienced attorney.

Online form companies cannot look out for your best interests. Only a qualified corporate attorney can do that. Choosing Legal Garage gives you best practices documents, customized to your specific needs and face-to-face time with a top tier corporate attorney. Running a small business is a long term game, choose an advisor that can help see you through all the ups and downs.

How ‘bout them apples?