12 Mar Introducing Legal Garage

“Oh, you’re an entrepreneur? Awesome!” she says eyes gleaming.
“Yep,” I nod.
“I have a great business idea for a combination hot dog maker, bun toaster – that will do six at a time!” she’s gesticulating – building this machine out of air with her hands. “You can power it to from your iPhone!”
Is it a winner? Certainly could be a hit at UT tailgates or the little league field. But I do know one thing, she’s going to have to shell out a lot of dinero to get her business started right. Legal is one place she shouldn’t have to pay.
If you want to launch your idea – you have two choices. An online form company or a full service law firm. An online company gives you no legal advice – cheap but rife with DIY error. You can really screw that up. Full service gives advice – but it’s pricey –  do you have $5K to spare (that’s at the low end).
We’re launching Legal Garage by Bissex & Watson P.C. as the “Goldilocks” alternative. It’s “just right.”
Our attorney’s represent Fortune 100 companies (Samsung, AMD, etc.) and universities (The University of Texas System) but we’ve also been business owners ourselves and know what it’s like to bootstrap. In fact over the last 5 years – we’ve help launch over 400 businesses of all sizes.
Now we offer you a great value alternative for your start up’s legal needs. Come to Legal Garage to get your business idea launched for less. You’ll great “best practices” legal docs and the advice of an experienced attorney. Our formation packages start at $595. Sa-weet!
We’ll be at SXSW interactive doing impromptu appoints at coffeeshops. Check out our events at #legalgarage #beyourownboss #startupwithoutscrewingup.
See ya’ll there!