19 Mar The Best Fit

How do you know if you are choosing the best attorney for your business legal needs? Heck – you may not even know what your legal needs actually are. You’ve collected quotes from some various attorneys, checked some online form companies –  so how to choose?
Not all attorneys are created equal. You can judge a law firm by looking at three things – proven corporate expertise, blue chip background, and sophisticated clients. None of the online form companies have that – so cross them off your short list.


Proven Expertise

Like doctors, attorneys have specialities. You don’t make an appointment with your eye doctor if you are running a fever. You don’t go to a family law attorney (or IP attorney) for an employment contract – you’ll need corporate firm for that.  At Legal Garage by Bissex Watson – you are getting extensive experience – expertise gained by solving corporate legal problems for 62 years for both small business owners and multinational corporations.
So now you’ve narrowed your search to corporate attorneys – How do you judge their value?


Blue Chip Background

The attorney you choose needs to have strong credentials – if they’ve previously worked for brand name law firms, they’ll have the experience and training you need. The attorneys at Legal Garage by Bissex Watson have worked for the best firms: Norton Rose Fulbright, Baker Botts, Winstead Sechrest & Minick, etc. They are clutch in the field of high end corporate work.


Sophisticated Clients

Also a firm’s client list is a tell about their value level. If they represent notable corporations along with local businesses – you will be in good hands. Bissex Watson is legal counsel for AMD, Samsung and the UT System as well as many prominent local businesses. We’ve negotiated and drafted contracts from $20,000 to $20,000,000. We’re a deep bench of corporate expertise to draw on and (lucky) you get that benefit.
No doubt – price is important, but in legal matters, value is more so. Pick you next pair of shoes on price, but chose your attorney on value and the best long term fit.



This is ‘Part 1’ of a 2-part series exploring the complicated task of choosing an attorney. Stay tuned for ‘Part 2’.