23 Mar Climb On

(Part 2 of a series on choosing the right corporate firm for your endeavor)

What are you getting for your legal dollars? The product you are getting from a corporate attorney is advice, documents and a long term relationship.


Well you won’t know if the advice you are getting from a corporate attorney is any better than what you’d get from another similar firm. A differentiator here is if the attorney has had any personal business experience. Most haven’t.

Would you hire a coach that has never played the game? No.

At Legal Garage by Bissex Watson, we have bought, grown and sold several businesses. We are entrepreneurs. We  know the challenges you are facing and realize that you may not have unlimited resources for solving legal challenges. You want a solution that is high end legal for a reasonable price – that’s why you’ve come to Legal Garage.

Not all contracts are created equal

Some are way stronger than others.

Your contracts and business legal documents are like the safety lines that hold a climber to a cliff face. It’s important that the ropes are dynamic, strong and are precisely what you need for your climb.

Your legal documents should be the same – they need to be custom fit and sophisticated enough to protect you if something fails. Attorneys at Bissex Watson spent years perfecting these “best practices” documents. No downloaded, cut-and-pasted docs here – these agreements are custom drafted to your specification – purpose build for you. That custom crafting makes your contracts strong and wholly different from an online/downloaded form. Don’t use such flimsy docs for a full scale climb. Get the kind of safety you need when #SHTF.

Long term relationship

You business will grow. If you start off skimping on legal services with cheap, low experience companies, you will more than likely need a redo as your business grows and needs more sophisticated contracts and documents. Start right at a great price and start with a firm that can grow with your needs.